Cheryl's had a lifelong love affair with art and beasts.  She grew up immersed in the wilds of the Pacific NW under the guidance of her Father, a modern day Mountain Man, leading the family on adventures; teaching a reverence for nature and its denizens. She's created art from the moment she picked up a crayon and has been drawing and painting ever since.

Fun-loving, bold, honest and energetic are the qualities she endeavors to bring to her art. Her constant goal is to honor the animal she is painting in the manner it deserves; to elevate it's position beyond a mere critter into a spectacular creation of Mother Nature.

Cheryl constantly pushes herself in playful discovery, continuing to elevate her art and have it be meaningful, not just to her, but to others...to strike a chord of significance. She also pledges a portion of her profits to animal conservancy groups and works closely with The Snow Leopard Trust and Woodland Park Zoo near her PNW home.