Original Oils

In my 30+years as an artist, I have painted all subjects yet find myself continually drawn to the animal kingdom. In recent years I have devoted myself exclusively to them. My ultimate goal is to glorify their place in this world; to put them on a pedestal and capture their personality with boldness, color, and vibrant brushwork. To show them not as beasts, but as living, loving, intelligent beings with a full spectrum of emotions.

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I tend to paint in series because I find it more stimulating and interesting. My current body of work features animals with the air literally alive with color, as if dancing in celebration for the creature’s very existence. My previous body of work I refer to as “Vanishing Nations”. They speak directly to disappearing habitats & how it affects the survival of creatures in the animal kingdom. A voice for the voiceless in the form of color, texture, and shape. Sections of the painting are purposefully left unfinished…they are literally ghosts in the making.