Stewing in His Juices ~ 20x20

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This young boar was enjoying his first season away from mom along the Chilko River in Canada. He was still close enough to his cubhood to enjoy eating and playing with the abundant and spawning Chinook salmon. Surfacing after snorkeling for fish there were times he would drill me with his gaze, letting me know that although he was having a good time he was fully aware of my presence! 

This original oil painting will give you joy wherever you decide to hang it! These contemporary pieces require no frame as they are shadow mounted to give an appearance of floating upon your wall. However, you can choose to frame it and I can help with that should you decide to do so. 

  • Size (h w d): 20 x 20 x 1 in
  • Medium: Oil on aluminum
  • Subject Matter: Grizzly Bear
  • Price: $2100.00
  • Prints on aluminum made on request