Photography is an essential part of animal art. Whenever possible I take the photo myself and use them for these creations which I call Digital Hybrid Paintings. Part photo, part digital painting, this artwork addresses the animal kingdom by using color along with vigorous brushwork to underscore their plight in this world while at the same time celebrating them.

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I spend as much time in the field photographing as I do create in my studio. Recent trips to the wilds of Canada and the bushveld of South Africa have given me a fresh arsenal in which to honor them. Yet I also find inspiration nearby at zoos or animal sanctuaries as well as in homes where beloved pets dwell. To me, ALL animal life is sacred, and my collectors agree! My work has been collected around the world and to date hangs on 5 continents.

The Process

After observing and photographing a species I return to my home studio in Shoreline to edit; choosing carefully for composition, clarity, significance, and simple pure fun. I import the photo into the app ArtRage and then the real fun begins! Using the many tools and colors at my disposal I “paint” upon the photo, enhancing what Mother Nature has delivered, creating an exciting visual story. My aim is to paint the air as if it were alive with color, dancing in celebration of the animal it envelopes. The end result is then printed onto one of 2 substrates; aluminum with a shadow mount that is ready to hang, making the art feel as if it were floating off the wall or ceramic tile that has an easel back for setting upon a shelf (also has a tab for hanging.) I find that the marriage of my 2 loves, photography and painting, are perfect for this fresh approach to art! 


No matter how common or exotic the creature, they are all heroic in my eyes. I accept commissions for both oil paintings and digital hybrids. Beloved pets are often a subject of my work and I endeavor to capture the beauty of their existence whether they still romp this earth or have passed over the rainbow bridge. If you are interested in a commission, please CLICK HERE to send me an email.


I believe that any space in the universe is enriched by the presence of an animal. My constant goal is to honor their spirit; to elevate their position beyond a mere critter into a spectacular soulful creation. I also believe passionately in animal conservation and a portion of my profits goes directly to help.