There is something about Cheryl's work that I just love to its core. I think it is the intimate knowledge of her subject that she so adeptly shares with us. I am a wildlife biologist, and the original artwork I bought from Cheryl (I bought two and want more!) show the animals in their most natural state - a portrait of the silent calm that I see in the wild when wildlife is not aware that a human is watching. Just beautiful.

- Catherine S. (Canada)

I have been a collector of art for a few years. I truly enjoyed emailing with Cheryl about her art. She is absolutely hilarious and such a joy to interact with! Before buying I had never seen her art in real life BUT after she shipped a few pieces they were even more stunning in person! Love her and her art!

- Linda L. (Washington)

Cheryl King is a gifted wildlife artist with a magic touch to her paintbrush!I love how she works with a wide variety of materials making art on glass, fabric as well as metal. Her work is simply amazing, and I love having her art in my home.She did a special consignment for me as a gift for my brother who said it was the best Christmas gift he ever received, making me very happy! She is well worth collecting!

- Barb S. (Oregon)

I've bought 4 pieces from Cheryl over the past few years.  Her work is beautiful and high quality.   Her passion and love for animals comes through in her art,  which is exactly what I wanted to bring into my home.   I've bought some very unique pieces from Cheryl that have become favorites of mine.

- Terri C.  (Florida)

My husband and I have very different tastes in art.  We agree wholeheartedly we’re fans of Cheryl King with her love of wildlife and the outdoors.  Her art grabs you!  We are proud to be the owners  of her original pieces, and have made them the centerpiece of our new home.

- Kent and Renee Ward (N. Dakota)

I am thrilled with the beautiful digital painting Cheryl created of my beloved cat. Her art form is fresh and contemporary, capturing his personality perfectly! She was a delight to work with and I plan on commissioning more pieces in the future!