Animal Conservation

My devotion to animals goes further than just painting pretty pictures. I made a commitment to myself a few years back to support conservation, preservation of and education about animals. What this means is that a portion of my profits goes directly to reputable organizations that support these same ideals. Anyone who commissions me also has the privilege of choosing a foundation to which the funds will go. While my pockets are not deep, my dedication is and even the smallest of gestures can make a difference. 

It is an honor to be associated with some of these organizations that I donate to on a regular basis:

While zoos can be controversial, the top-notch ones make a positive and considerable impact on animal conservancy. My hometown of Seattle boasts such a place, Woodland Park Zoo, which continually sets the bar high in favor of animals worldwide. I grew up adoring my visits here and since it played such a large role in developing my love for animals it is natural to choose them. Annually I donate a large painting featuring one of the resident animals to their Jungle Party Auction and it is also a recipient of my profit program.

I became quite involved with this organization after doing a snow leopard commission for one of the board members in 2020. Since then I happily donate to their annual auction as well and provide my art for fund raising activities during the year. It moved me when I learned that the trust was founded by a Woodland Park Zoo employee in 1981 named Helen Freeman, and the Trust named one of my original oils after her for a fund-raising campaign. Very touching!!

CSNW is one of only a handful of sanctuaries in the country that cares for chimpanzees. It was founded in 2003 to provide sanctuary for chimpanzees discarded from the entertainment and biomedical testing industries. Reading the stories about the individual chimps that reside here will touch your soul in unforgettable ways!

This organization is superb in their mission to protect and offer refuge to domestic animals. I have just begun to add them to my list of places to support but intend to continue. Here’s a snippet from their story:  At Pasado’s Safe Haven, we envision a world where every animal is recognized as an individual who has the right to live free from abuse, abandonment, neglect and exploitation. Whether a cow, a dog, a cat, a chicken, a pig, a turkey – or a donkey -, these animals are all sentient beings who can feel fear and pain and crave love, comfort and safety.

A few more that were requested by commissions: