Malayan Tiger

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The Malayan tiger is one of six subspecies of tigers and lives only on the Malayan Peninsula and in the southern tip of Thailand. In the mid 1990's an estimated 3,000 roamed the rainforests but today they have been tragically hunted to less than 200. By purchasing this print you will be helping in the conservation of these incredibly important and majestic cats as Cheryl donates a portion of profits to animal conservancy agencies that work directly with this cause.

Metal and tile are the perfect surface to showcase Cheryl's digital hybrid paintings giving them a sleek modern touch! Images are infused onto the surface of aluminum or ceramic tile that has been treated with a special dye sublimation coating. Tiles are for décor only.

  • Features a glossy coating and rounded edges
  • UV resistant ink prevents fading
  • Aluminum is shadow mounted and ready to hang 
  • Ceramic tile has easel back and also hanging hardware 
  • Choose from 3 aluminum sizes:  8"x11"  16"x24"  24"x36"
  • Choose from 2 ceramic sizes: 6x8  8x12
  • All pieces signed on the back by Cheryl

    Definition of a Digital Hybrid Painting:  A photo Cheryl has taken that she digitally paints on creating a piece of art that is part photo/part painting. 

    With each purchase Cheryl donates a portion of the profits to animal conservancy
    These limited prints are custom-made so please allow 10-14 days for deliver